About us

Somheritage.com provides extended information about rich cultural heritage of Somali. Through our organization, you will also be able to learn more about literature of Somali where you can read works of some of the renowned writers.

Our aim

  • To provide excellent knowledge to our customers on different topics related to Somali.
  • We also aim to provide more pictographical representations of rich heritage of the country so that more and more people get to know about it.

Products in which we deal

Children books

Our company basically deals in Children books which are written by famous writers. These stories are fun and entertaining and provide moral to the reader. Thus, children will be able to inculcate different types of virtues with great ease. We also sell great poems and information about the culture of this country. One will be able to gather information about the traditions and practices which residents of Somali follow.

Historical books

Historical books which are provided by our organization contain exact information about events which have taken place in the past. The book also contains some actual photographs of different historical movements which had taken place in the country in the past. Historical books provided by us also consist of historical information about sports, architecture and kinship in the country. Through photographs you will be able to see beautiful sculptures and historical architectures which were built by various leaders of the country.

Audio and videography

Our organization also sells audio and video recordings of folk songs and documentaries shot in this region of the world. Through videography, we are known to provide genuine information about the flora and fauna of the place and give a glimpse of the natural beauty which surrounds the place. One will also be able to learn more about various beaches which surround the place. Through videography, you will also be able to witness several geographical aspects of the country.